Saturday, July 4, 2015

An Explanation to the Ridiculous State of HK Politics

In other countries, politics is about debating and negotiating, but in Hong Kong, when the Pan-Democrats (the group considered as the de-facto opposition party in Legco) are involved, it is more about protesting and rejecting anything proposed by the Special Administrative Government. For outsiders, this is difficult to comprehend because at the end of the day, nothing is accomplished except for the wasting of time and tax payer's money. 

To understand the current state of affairs in Hong Kong politics, one must have an understanding of the psyche of a segment of the current generation of Hong Kongers whose views are represented by the Pan-Democrats. This current group, mostly in the 40-60s age range, represent a second generation of Hong Kongers whom were born and bred in British Colonial Hong Kong. 

Casting aside the original locals "tudi", who settled in Hong Kong before the British arrived, the majority of first generation Hong Kongers are refugees from mainland China. Most had illegally crossed the border or swam through shark-infested waters to Colonial Hong Kong to look for a better life, and more importantly flee from the reins of the China Communist Party--which at that time was under the rule of Mao Zedong. There is obviously a great disdain for Communist China or "Red China"--as it was referred to in the Days of Mao--if one was to risk their lives or risk imprisonment this way.

As historians and documents have emerged over the years, China under Mao had not been a pleasant place to live. Starvation, forced labor camps, false imprisonment, confiscation of property and rights were rampant during that time, and all was exemplified during the Great Leap Forward and climaxed during the Cultural Revolution. These details had not emerged to the outside world until around the past two decades when China began opening up its doors. However, one group of people outside of China were aware of what was going on--the refugees that fled to Hong Kong. It was this group who had experienced and seen for themselves during their time on the mainland, and also continued hearing stories being passed back to them from family and friends when they settled in Hong Kong.

It is this unwavering hatred for Mao China that these refugees hold in their heart and passed on to their children. Everything considered evil is equated to the Chinese Communist Party; the CCP cannot be trusted; the CCP are devils in disguise. 

The children of these refugees, the second generation Hong Kongers whom make up much of society today, grew up in an environment where they were preached day-in and day-out by their parents that the CCP cannot be trusted. The CCP are devils in disguise. It is no wonder that they are unable to slip out of this mentality to this date, even though the CCP is led by a totally different group of leaders whom have totally transformed the social, political, and economical ideology of the party to uproot a country out of starvation and poverty and become the second largest economy in the world in a span of the years from which Mao left power. This impressive accomplishment or what many observers deem "economic miracle" had never been witnessed in the history of the world.

The Chinese Communist Party is only by name. Mao Zedong would probably turn in his grave if he was to see what his party has become in the twenty-first century.

But to this second generation group of Hong Kongers, the CCP's achievements of the past 30 plus years do not mean anything. They are still firm in their belief passed on to them by their parents, that the CCP has not changed. Modern China is still Mao China, and with the unfortunate incident in Tiananmen Square in 1989, they were all too happy to use as proof that what their parents preached to them was the truth, no matter how biased or "westernized" their source had been.

It is a sad state in current Hong Kong politics as the Pan-Democrats hold some power in Legco and therefore, the state of confrontation and hatred towards the CCP will continue to obstruct the progress of Hong Kong society. Making decisions guided by hatred and distrust will never benefit anyone. They have already turned Hong Kong politics into a laughing stock through their continual protests and filibustering and it is under their leadership that, unfortunately, is breeding a third generation of Hong Kong youths, who are guided by hate and distrust leading to actions that are increasingly radical and violent. This group of radical youths blindly believe that they are the future of Hong Kong, but what they don't realize is that the real future of Hong Kong are those that are willing to work with the CCP. Those that embrace the relationship with China.

This group of second and third generation Hong Kongers show that the power of what is learnt in their youths cannot be overlooked. "Brainwash" is a term they conveniently use to attack others that have differing views from them; but one should re-examine who is the group that has been brainwashed? Who is the group that refuses to look at the facts and the present?

Like the youth in the Cultural Revolution, the misguided radical youths that make up some of HK's third generation is already a lost generation. They naively believe that the fight is for "democracy" and "universal suffrage", abstract terms they learnt in school and heard on television. They throw away their future not knowing that they had been used as pawns for the ultimate agenda of eternal struggle and ultimate overthrow of the CCP. They have morphed into a radical group that now, the Pan-Democrats no longer can control.

If we are to transform the state of affairs in Hong Kong politics and lead to a harmonious and progressive society, the key is National Education.

The HKSAR made a huge mistake by shelving the National Education program in Hong Kong and should restart drafting laws to implement it as soon as possible. Every modern country in the world has their own National Education. Hong Kong, being part of China, needs to follow.  

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