Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Dark Knight

He is a mysterious figure who is seldom seen in public. Aside from his closest confidantes, no one really knows exactly what type of man he is and what he does in his idle time; his private life is a mystery, his public life a show. He is a controversial figure—beloved by many—but at the same time seen by his adversaries as a notorious villain. This man is none other than the leader of the hermit state North Korea—Kim Jong-un.
Kim Jong-un gives us the impression of a larger-than-life man; a figure resembling more of a character in the pages of a comic book rather than a leader of a nation in the twenty-first century. His past and present life is obscure to say the least, and he and his people prefer to keep it that way. Everything about him is secretive, much like his government and his country. Hence, he consumes the fascination of the world.

He carefully picks the time and place to be seen. His appearances are always brief, but spectacular; and when he does reveal himself, he is always in his full body black attire—almost costume-like: his slicked jet-black hair, his perfectly tailored black Mao suit, his full length black trench coat, and his black leather gloves. Similar to the impression you get each time you step in the theater to watch the latest installment of the Dark Knight franchise, every time Kim steps out, his appearance is more striking than ever. 
Like the Dark Knight, Kim has been left to inherit an empire. Like the Dark Knight, he’s got an unbelievable amount of resources at his disposal. And Like the Dark Knight, he is constantly trying to develop the most advanced weapons to use on and defeat his enemies.

And above all, like the Dark Knight, he is a character created by others. He is fictitious.

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